The Best Thing I've Ever Made

Pubblicato il 2 giu 2021
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This extending dining table was one of the toughest woodworking projects I've ever taken on. I partnered with Nikon to make this video on the Nikon Z 6II which, as you can see, seriously upped my video quality. In the end, I made an extendable walnut dining table that goes from 108" (275cm) to 140" (355cm) with two continuous grain (mostly) leaf extensions to make it a totally functional expanding table. When not in use there is no visible hardware, screws, or brackets that get in the way of daily use. The wood I used is locally salvaged black walnut. I used two sequential slabs, also referred to as a bookmatch. Bookmatched tables form a symmetrical, mirror image of each other and are my favorite style of table. You could take everything applied to this table and use it with your own DIY live edge table project. Whether it was a bookmatched live edge table or a single slab natural edge table, this continuous grain leaf extension would work.

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0:00 Intro
2:35 Festool Domino Glue-up
4:47 Filling Cracks With Epoxy
7:33 Awkward Table Flip (attempt)
8:39 Patchwork inlay
10:47 Large Slab Flattening
12:20 C-Channel Inlay
14:25 Bow Tie/Dutchman Joint Inlay
17:58 Table Leaf Extension
20:06 Huge Mistake...
24:00 Filling Small Holes in Epoxy
24:40 Finishing With Rubio Monocoat
26:05 Steel Plate Table Base
28:50 Table Installation Day
30:04 Comment of The Week

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Items used in this video:
Nikon Z 6II:
24-70 2.8 lens:
Threaded Inserts: C-channels:
Festool Domino:
Pipe Clamps:
Parallel Clamps:
Deep Throat Clamps:
Wood Glue:
Sandpaper storage:
Glue roller:
Epoxy for cracks:
Vacuum Clamps:
Festool Router:
Rubio monocoat:
Aluminum Extrusion:
Furniture bolts:
Trim router:
Mafell Track Saw:
Festool Track Saw:
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Blacktail Studio
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  • S. Hillier

    S. Hillier

    Everything's coming up Milhouse!

  • Jordan Bock

    Jordan Bock

    Cam, as long as you, the creator, need it to be. That’s why we watch, because we like the content you’re creating! Excellent work!

  • Kevin Kolvenbach

    Kevin Kolvenbach

    Giorno fa

    Cam, As long you feel they need to be. You covered a whole lot of detail, and when it's interesting I could keep watching ;) Incredible table by the way, ..Wow!

  • Susan Muenter

    Susan Muenter

    14 giorni fa

    Cam, I love how excited you get as your projects come to life. Your passion for wood and what you do is what I enjoy watching!

  • Bonnie Hairston

    Bonnie Hairston

    21 giorno fa

    Cam, I'm so lucky to have found this channel. Mesmerizing work, beautiful products w education along the way. I'm new, I'd watch your projects through to the end no matter the length. I trust you to show the important steps. 30 isn't too long

  • Gabriel Albaladejo-San Inocencio

    Gabriel Albaladejo-San Inocencio

    14 giorni fa

    Cam, great shots with the camera! Remember, to complete the “cinematic look” you have to set your shutter speed at twice your frames per second. For 24p that might be 1/50th, it will add the correct amount of blur between frames. You might need to get an ND filter to darken the scene since most likely 1/50th will be too bright for the shot. Variable NDs are best when you have different lighting scenarios and you need to keep changing the exposure without swapping filters, just don’t over darken the the filter because you are going to see this X or crossed effect on your shot.

  • Audie O

    Audie O

    14 giorni fa

    I’m very glad that we still have people like you with the skills and dedication to make a masterpiece work of art!

  • Dan Weirauch

    Dan Weirauch

    CAM, 30 minutes can be a drag when they just overlay music, and so on. Your videos tell a story, and I never skip around. Even if I have to pause and come back later, I watch the videos 50% to see your craftsmanship/ learn new tricks, and 50% to hear you tell the story of each piece. Thanks for all the hard work, and that Nikon is sharp!

  • Phillip Rios

    Phillip Rios

    14 giorni fa

    Cam, I really enjoyed how long this video was. Watching you work makes me realize how much my father taught me as I grew up in his shop. I still have so much to learn to be able to cruise through a project the way you do.

  • misstweetypie1


    16 ore fa

    Cam, I love long videos… if I feel like skipping stuff, I will, but having the in-depth look is always better and much appreciated! Way better, especially for practical videos, it lets you be more like a teacher, rather than just an entertainer. :) great job, this is an amazing table!

  • anitamyersdds


    14 giorni fa

    Cam, I'm not a wood-worker; actually, I'm a dentist. Like you, I watch YouTube for educational purposes, and I just want to say that I think your work is fabulous! I applaud your critical thinking and problem-solving skills as you create your masterpieces. Keep up the good work and the excellent tutorials.

  • João Manoel Santos

    João Manoel Santos

    Giorno fa

    Parabéns! Excelente trabalho, digno dos maiores elogios ! ( Brazil )

  • Steven Soderlund

    Steven Soderlund

    21 giorno fa

    Love your videos. I'm finishing up a home remodel and would love to get into hobby woodworking someday soon. I appreciate that you highlight your mistakes and struggles in your videos.

  • R. Mercado

    R. Mercado

    CAM, when it comes to wood working, the timing of the videos would be this long. The process of engaging your audience makes a big difference. Your presentation, tone, and pitch are great. The time actually flew by quickly. Many thanks!

  • Tom Burns

    Tom Burns

    7 ore fa

    Cam, no questions. Just a thank you for such an interesting video. Make these videos as long as they need to be to include what you want to get across.

  • Greg Pederson

    Greg Pederson

    11 ore fa

    Cam, just found your channel, wonderful! I like the "Honest" mistakes as we all make them:) as to video length, as long as you need to. I love the content, tools used, outsourcing certain processes and the hardware too. Keep them coming :)

  • S D

    S D

    21 giorno fa

    Cam, I just found your channel and just binged watched for 2 1/2 hours lol. I loved everything you made and am very inspired to create my own epoxy table someday. At the moment I just completed a black walnut coffee table for my son's Christmas present, which came out decent but I wished I had found you before starting! Thanks for your inspiration and great videos!

  • Eric Wardner

    Eric Wardner

    Giorno fa

    Hey Cam, love the videos! im a 20 year carpenter and enjoy the knowledge i get from watching your channel. I look forward to taking on projects like the one's I've watched you do!

  • B. JACK

    B. JACK

    14 giorni fa

    Cam, I love how you explain every process of your woodwork, you really do some awesome woodwork pieces. I really enjoy watching your woodworking skills no matter how long the video is. Thank you.

  • rmjohns35


    Cam…30 minutes + is fine by me! You made the inlays look so easy. This piece is a unique, one of a kind beauty.