Josh and Brennan ARE the Left and Right Brain

Pubblicato il 23 lug 2021
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We are fully unemployed right now.
Watch a few full episodes of Game Changer here:

Game Changer Shorts
Game Changer Shorts
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  • Sponderer


    I think we all knew that Brennan would assume the role as left brain

  • Yonisbomb


    These represent my last 2 brain cells in important events very well.

  • A Fine Egg

    A Fine Egg

    "Anyone can do that." was fucking amazing

  • Red_Tower


    I could and seriously would pay to watch an entire show that was just these two continuing this improv skit

  • Ivy Hnin

    Ivy Hnin

    Immediately got reminded of Bo Burnham

  • Cancerino


    But yes, the left/right brain thingy is now considered a defunct theory

  • Kha Đức Ân

    Kha Đức Ân

    "Look what I can do"

  • Giu Ave

    Giu Ave

    This is basically my adhd in a nutshell. Focused for a bit then goofs off the next minute.

  • PandiiMan


    I simulate Brennan's voice in my head when I need good advice from a reliable fantasy adult

  • lolkayleen


    My favorite is how Brennan just started talking as left brain bc the only world for right brain is Josh

  • P Vong

    P Vong

    Currently unemployed and just recently went on a walk listening to a podcast out of pure boredom.

  • Sniclops


    This has gotta be one of the most accurate things to my subconscious conversations

  • Indy Studios

    Indy Studios

    Truly are the two great actors of College Humor so they definitely would be paired up as the brain of this company.

  • ⭐️ k a l o p s i a ⭐️

    ⭐️ k a l o p s i a ⭐️

    I don't know why but, "Anyone could do that." Had me wheezing 😭

  • Zoe Vlk

    Zoe Vlk

    Brennan is the left brain, he is the left brain. He works really hard to his inevitable death brain.

  • Thiago de Andrade

    Thiago de Andrade

    You know, Josh and Brennan are respectively my favorite old cast member and my favorite new cast member. They are great and deserver wider recognition.

  • Sebastian Barnes

    Sebastian Barnes

    I laughed a single ha

  • LaMaya Whitfield

    LaMaya Whitfield

    “I am the left I am the left brain I work really hard till my inevitable death brain you got a job to do you better do it right in the right way cause with the left brains might “ 😌

  • 0Clewi0


    A very interesting part is that even if the right side is considered the creative it's the left that would make up a lie to fill a gap, in an experiment were people had a medical reason to separate both hemispheres they asked them by writing so just the right side would perceive it to stand up and when they did it asked why they did so they would invent excuses/reasons they did so, the left side is the one so compelled for reason that invents things to make sense while the right can just accept how things are.

  • Roasted Pheasant

    Roasted Pheasant

    Plot twist: Brennan was the Right Brain.