O'Sullivan's 147 2014 UK Championship

Pubblicato il 3 dic 2014
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  • Jorge Martínez Romero

    Jorge Martínez Romero

    7 anni fa

    Oh..we are gonna miss this guy when he retires.

    • Lucas K

      Lucas K

      12 giorni fa

      7th world championship!!!!

    • Cory Day W

      Cory Day W

      Mese fa

      @Tom I started watching snooker only because of Ronnie.. but then realized I like watching it more than pool. Still play pool 4-5 times a week and have played snooker 4-5 times in my life... but I love watching the pros do it.

    • Валерий Ольховой

      Валерий Ольховой

      2 mesi fa

      Вот что значит мужчина с буйной шевелюрой!

    • amine med

      amine med

      3 mesi fa

      @ian b lalaoo11

    • Jack Meoff

      Jack Meoff

      3 mesi fa

      @MagicDoesntMiss Fact of life.

  • Gavin Taylor

    Gavin Taylor

    7 anni fa

    Just watched it live. Greatest player of all time, period.

    • Mani Damirchi

      Mani Damirchi

      9 giorni fa

      i think we can now all agree he is the goat won his 7th WCC now there is no one beyond him neither davis nor stephen

    • Eric M

      Eric M

      9 mesi fa

      Ronnie is the best to ever live. Eddie Charlton was also great.

    • Ross M

      Ross M

      9 mesi fa

      Jonny Raewas better

    • Dilshan Salinda

      Dilshan Salinda

      3 anni fa

      aspiknf most talented player is ronnie hands down

    • John Mike

      John Mike

      4 anni fa

      Gavin Taylor damn true!!

  • katherine buttigieg

    katherine buttigieg

    Anno fa

    The most exciting player of all time., if not for him I wouldn’t be a regular follower of the game. Amazing guy...

    • Eamonn Doherty

      Eamonn Doherty

      Mese fa

      So are you are snooker fan or not?

    • eqeeqeq eqeeqeqeq

      eqeeqeq eqeeqeqeq

      3 mesi fa

      for me it was Selby. he was funny when all were so serious.

    • bcp5296d


      4 mesi fa

      Tiger did the same thing with Golf.

    • Sofina Stockwell

      Sofina Stockwell

      4 mesi fa

      Me five

    • Ross M

      Ross M

      9 mesi fa

      Jonny Rae was better.

  • Robert Browne

    Robert Browne

    Anno fa

    I just realized I could do as well as a lot of his opponents.

    • Robert Browne

      Robert Browne

      23 giorni fa

      @Derek Lei That might help dull the pain.

    • Derek Lei

      Derek Lei

      24 giorni fa

      Sit and drink?

    • Cory Day W

      Cory Day W

      Mese fa

      @G G Can't believe you had to explain that... lol.

    • Robert Browne

      Robert Browne

      2 mesi fa

      @spitfireace87 How hard can it be to sit in a chair and look defeated. I think I'd nail it.

    • spitfireace87


      2 mesi fa

      I could definitely loose 6-0 against Ronnie

  • Nebojsa Vojvodic

    Nebojsa Vojvodic

    21 ora fa

    When other players stop their game and come to watch him make magic...he's bigger than the game itself. God bless us with many more years of him playing. The greatest to ever do it.

  • TheStuffMade


    2 anni fa

    You have to feel a bit for his opponent, playing at the form of his life, winning like a champ until he is up against Ronnie O'Sullivan who humiliates him 6-0 and then finishes him off with a perfect game.

    • Sotiris Pat

      Sotiris Pat

      Mese fa

      Anything is possible when olaying against Ronnie. Nothing to ashamed of

    • Simon Dowsett

      Simon Dowsett

      5 mesi fa

      He had the best seat in the house and you can't get frustrated playing against someone so good. Better to get trounced than to lose like Steve Davis did to Dennis Taylor.

  • Stu Brown

    Stu Brown

    2 anni fa

    Just looking at all the different languages in the comments makes you realise how appreciated his talent is.

    • Adrian Santos

      Adrian Santos

      6 mesi fa


    • Ivan Maes

      Ivan Maes

      9 mesi fa

      Because it’s the rocket 😁

    • DR Waddah

      DR Waddah

      9 mesi fa


  • Stephen Prentice

    Stephen Prentice

    Anno fa

    Jan Verhaas is utterly magnificent at the end. Shakes his hand and says "Sublime!" No other word for it, the man is an utter genius! The best there was, is, and ever will be.

    • norman no

      norman no

      3 mesi fa

      do it for the fans ron

    • patrick baker

      patrick baker

      4 mesi fa

      that could concivably be said if you had decades of watching these tournaments, seeing the great players of the days. Presumptious to say something like "Ronnie is the best there ever was, and the best who will ever be." Someday there will be a player that dominates even the great Ronnie- history says that.

  • Long Le

    Long Le

    2 anni fa

    We never know how strong his opponents are because they never get to play

    • Joel Dilks

      Joel Dilks

      6 mesi fa

      Ronnie O’Really? He loses games sometimes

    • Asclepius


      Anno fa

      You now have 147 likes

  • Lloyd Wills

    Lloyd Wills

    4 mesi fa

    The fact the other game stopped to watch this just shows what a class talent Ronnie is

  • iain hewitt

    iain hewitt

    Anno fa

    Hendry: for a right-handed player, that red along the cushion would normally be difficult, but of course, Ronnie can play it left-handed.
    Ronnie: plays it with his right.

    • Christopher Van

      Christopher Van

      3 mesi fa

      Hendry often calls Ronnie wrong.

    • Joel Dilks

      Joel Dilks

      6 mesi fa

      Ronnie O’Soambidextrous

  • superted


    16 giorni fa

    He can't retire ! The day the snooker died ! We're so lucky he's still playing in his late 40s he could get in to his late 50s considering how good he's playing right now ! If he does that would take me into my 60s , so l can't grumble! Watched a life time off Ronnie the rocket, sorry for the generation who won't see this live !

    • No Trouble

      No Trouble

      13 giorni fa

      Imagine when he retires. You sit down to watch some BBC snooker, and there's no Ronnie! And he'll never be there again. That'll be grim

  • Danny Miles

    Danny Miles

    Anno fa

    This 147 was different to the others. This one had a real swagger to it. The table was running a beautiful pace and Ronnie was able to play a few great reds into the centre pockets.

  • Gary Allen

    Gary Allen

    2 mesi fa

    Love Ronnie, been watching him since he was about 15, remember saying to a mate keep your eyes peeled for this guy O'Sullivan, he's going to be the best. You often hear no one is bigger than the sport, be it football, Basketball, etc but Ronnie is the sport and when he retires it'll be the end of me watching pro snooker.

  • Mauricio S Ramos

    Mauricio S Ramos

    2 anni fa

    Esse cara me lembra o Mr.Bean kkkkk

    • Vagner De sousa reis

      Vagner De sousa reis

      6 giorni fa

      E eu pensando que somente eu pensava assim, que o Sulivan parece com o mister Bim

    • Joaco loko

      Joaco loko

      Anno fa


    • Dan Arafat

      Dan Arafat

      2 anni fa

      Mauricio Souza Ramos Greatest restrictions

    • KILL OP

      KILL OP

      2 anni fa

      Parece com o jon vlogs também

  • John Burris

    John Burris

    3 mesi fa

    In the previous frame, Ronnie had a small chance at the maximum (red in baulk notwithstanding), and made two incredible reds after clinching the frame, but missed a straightforward black at 89. Ronnie coming back from that and immediately getting the maximum in this frame is one of my favorite snooker memories.

  • Mace Windu

    Mace Windu

    Anno fa

    I was a steward at this game. Absolutely incredible 👌🏼

  • Shell Dahl

    Shell Dahl

    2 anni fa

    " It is only ONE Ronnie O'Sullivan !"
    He makes it look so easy - he is planning and doing EXACTLY what he wants!

  • Azhar Altaf

    Azhar Altaf

    Anno fa

    Its hard not to love him. The greatest snooker player and a pleasure to see him play.

  • Alealdo Laureano

    Alealdo Laureano

    2 anni fa

    Esse cara é demais.

  • Festinha do Rodil

    Festinha do Rodil

    3 mesi fa

    Ele ganha desses pé de rato, quero ver ganhar do El mago baianinho 🧙‍♂️

  • Yan de Mark

    Yan de Mark

    3 mesi fa

    Когда играл Рони было всегда интересно, молниеносно принимает решения, не затягивает партии , и творит просто чудеса !! Один из лучших!!А в этой игре я её помню разщелкал как орешки!!



    2 anni fa

    How one guy can make a boring sport look rock starish. Legend!!!!!!!

  • dj2


    2 anni fa

    Side pocket: you’re not coming in
    Blue ball: Ronnie sent me
    Side pocket: Ok

    • Mason Ollerenshaw

      Mason Ollerenshaw

      3 mesi fa


    • Mr LOBA

      Mr LOBA

      4 mesi fa

      lmao xD

    • Joel Dilks

      Joel Dilks

      6 mesi fa

      Ronnie O’fcoursehecan

    • Wanpen Tamakeaw

      Wanpen Tamakeaw

      Anno fa

      @v j 1

    • JayKay


      Anno fa


  • Surajit Ghosh happy channel

    Surajit Ghosh happy channel

    4 mesi fa

    He is a genius, he is a legend

  • Bigknocker


    Mese fa

    Although I only played on a 6' X 12' snooker table once at the now defunct 211 Union Street Poolhall in Seattle in the early 80s, I know how difficult it is to play on such a large table with pretty tight pockets.
    I love watching Ronnie because he appears to be a dominant left-eyed right hander, as I am. So I have no excuse except: You can't put in what God left out.

  • Farid Shaikh

    Farid Shaikh

    Anno fa

    I'm sure even his opponents would love and respect him for his game.

  • Max Savage

    Max Savage

    8 mesi fa

    Amazing how he sets himself up perfectly for his next shot

  • Agim Karaj

    Agim Karaj

    7 anni fa

    The best player of all time!

    • Rayaan Rana

      Rayaan Rana

      2 anni fa


    • Felipe Afonso Freitas

      Felipe Afonso Freitas

      2 anni fa

      The best player because baianinho de mauá don't play snooker. O melhor jogador pq baianinho de mauá não joga snooker.

    • FoxBun Productions

      FoxBun Productions

      2 anni fa

      Eddie Charlton for me bro

    • TheGeniusWhichNeverExisted


      3 anni fa

      @Zvonimir Franjo Vuk lol. 19 Triple crowns. more Masters and UKs than anyone. Still winning.

    • Nav Man

      Nav Man

      3 anni fa

      When Ronnie played Mark king in the world grand Prix. He actually stopped playing after potting 2 balls as wanted to know what's the prize money for the maximum. The fact that he was so adamant in the early part of the break that he could go and make the maximum says slot about his talent. It would have been very embarrassing considering the amount of time play was stopped and should he have not gone on to make the maximum, however he did and that's pure genius , only Ronnie can do it and Hendry would never have done something like that,

  • Андрей Воробьев

    Андрей Воробьев

    Anno fa

    Посмотрел как играет Ronnie O'Sullivan и полюбил снукер. Спасибо ему за это!

  • Tony Naccarato

    Tony Naccarato

    4 mesi fa

    Class all day long, hundreds of players can run 147 in practice, and against inferior players, but the real measure is when you play top notch players, he oozes class.

  • Tutur Tatwa

    Tutur Tatwa

    4 mesi fa

    Always the greatest!!

  • James Thompson

    James Thompson

    Anno fa

    The greatest snooker player of all time the God the genius the one and only Ronnie O O'Sullivan

  • Márcio Costa cantor

    Márcio Costa cantor

    3 mesi fa

    Bom dia! Pra mim é uma honra viu prestigiar seu trabalho, vamos sempre juntos somar e fortalecer nossos objetivos, Conto com você, eu já estou por aqui

  • Shattered Soul

    Shattered Soul

    2 anni fa

    This guy is beyond amazing

  • Luciano Silva

    Luciano Silva

    6 mesi fa

    Monstro demais esse Osullivan 6x0 fechando o matchpoint com 147 perfeito! Bravo!!!

  • izzydubmusic


    4 mesi fa

    This dude was so good, I learned how this game is played from this run alone. Minus minor details. Went to learn from another video how to play the game. I got pretty close. LOL

  • Domenico Onorati

    Domenico Onorati

    2 anni fa

    One of the greatest game of Snooker ever played
    Every shot was perfect

  • Keita.Tsukaguchi


    7 mesi fa

    absolutely fantastic!

  • Нина Разумова

    Нина Разумова

    4 mesi fa

    Очень благодарна , что в один прекрасный день случайно по каналу "Евроспорт" посмотрела игру снукер , которую комментировал Синицын Владимир Борисович, играл О 'Салливан ( это был 1998 год кажется ,с кем играл не помню, извините ), и все .....Теперь это лучший вид спорта для меня. Спасибо игрокам , организаторам и вообще всем кто дарит нам эту радость.💯👍👏👏🤗

  • Barben Howard

    Barben Howard

    2 anni fa

    I never get tired of watching this, absolutely top of his game..Salute sir

  • Lyle Hodge

    Lyle Hodge

    4 mesi fa

    He is the best of this era by a long shot. He can beat every player alive.

  • Blauw Buik

    Blauw Buik

    5 mesi fa

    I always loved this guy .. am surprised he took his time between the shots 😄 what a great game he pulled off

  • владимир пушкарев

    владимир пушкарев

    8 mesi fa

    О,великий Ронни именно благодаря тебе я просто влюбился в снукер,ну а вечно бубнящий Синицын научил понимать эту игру......эту красивую и вдохновенную партию можно пересматривать бесконечно.....

  • Rick


    2 anni fa

    Os brasileiros aqui sabe apreciar o tanto que o cara joga mano ele acerta as bolas la ja pensando no que ele vai fazer no futuro

  • Chintheref


    7 anni fa

    Never be another player like Ronnie O'Sullivan. Well Done Ronnie....!!

    • Carl Johnson

      Carl Johnson

      Anno fa

      @Carlos Moura nao fala merda

    • Carlos Moura

      Carlos Moura

      2 anni fa

      baianinho de mauá

    • N S

      N S

      2 anni fa

      @jimboslice613 never heard of her 😁

    • Jahn-Andre Lia

      Jahn-Andre Lia

      2 anni fa

      S77 deg

    • spitfireace87


      3 anni fa

      i hear there is a little Chinese one in the making

  • jorge p

    jorge p

    Anno fa

    É um génio! O melhor de todos os tempos!

  • JOSÉ Sousa

    JOSÉ Sousa

    8 mesi fa

    Incredible!!! spectacular player!!!!!beautiful match did not give the opponent a chance!!!

  • Renato Xunior

    Renato Xunior

    2 anni fa

    Lenda pura

  • Oliver Speke

    Oliver Speke

    Anno fa

    One of Ronnie O'Sullivans greatest moments in my opinion!

  • Stanley Kinyanjui

    Stanley Kinyanjui

    2 anni fa

    There won't be another O'Sullivan and Efren Reyes.. Two geniuses

    • vasile E

      vasile E

      8 mesi fa

      Indeed buddy 👍❤️

  • Reginaldo Lira

    Reginaldo Lira

    6 mesi fa

    Sulivan quase mata a velharada do coração naquela bola azul

  • Anthony Esper

    Anthony Esper

    Anno fa

    We're really going to miss this guy as much as Messi in football/soccer.

  • Renan Gomes

    Renan Gomes

    8 mesi fa

    Espetacular monstro sagrado show

  • Ronald Reagan

    Ronald Reagan

    2 anni fa

    Absolute genius, it always amazes me. And this guy does so many calculations so quickly.

  • Josealexandressan Alexandressan

    Josealexandressan Alexandressan

    2 anni fa

    O cara é muito bom e a torcida respeita no Brasil tem o Igor Figueiredo muito bom tbm

  • Maz Hedley

    Maz Hedley

    2 anni fa

    Love the fact that Jan takes his glove off, ready to shake Ronnie's hand, before he even pots the pink! I know it was the end of the match but he knew the 147 was imminent. :-D

    • Paul Carson Maths

      Paul Carson Maths

      5 mesi fa

      Tbf if he missed it the match was still over

    • Joel Dilks

      Joel Dilks

      6 mesi fa

      Ronnie O’Fcoursehewins

  • Retromike


    Anno fa

    Ronnie... What a legend

  • vladimir rodrigues

    vladimir rodrigues

    Anno fa

    O Sullivan você é campeão nato,joga muito,manda um taco de presente,para seu admirador

  • Eldjo Kalonda

    Eldjo Kalonda

    4 mesi fa

    C'est vraiment extraordinaire, c'est très étonnant de voir un tel talent.

  • Utsav Mandora

    Utsav Mandora

    6 mesi fa

    I love the way he didn't celebrate till the time he won ❤❤



    3 mesi fa


  • Josué Sánchez Durán

    Josué Sánchez Durán

    2 anni fa

    Absolutely brilliant. I don't know nothing about this game, but it was exciting to see him playing. Genius.

  • Just Believe

    Just Believe

    Anno fa

    I am a huge fan of this man. This man has great quality in placing the balls and he mostly targets black ball.

  • Adroaldo Felipetto do Rosario

    Adroaldo Felipetto do Rosario

    2 anni fa

    Não sei como tem gente que da deslike!!!??!

  • Joe Milbourne

    Joe Milbourne

    2 anni fa

    A master craftsman at work !!

  • The King Of House

    The King Of House

    2 anni fa

    Quem é esse cara perto da nossa lenda viva Baianinho de Mauá

    • The King Of House

      The King Of House

      2 anni fa

      @Efren Reyes Falta de interpretação viu

  • Scott Leicester

    Scott Leicester

    2 anni fa

    The word genius is thrown about too much these days, but he really is, just on another level 👏👏👏👏

  • Michael McLaughlin

    Michael McLaughlin

    7 mesi fa

    Ronnie is a incredible snooker player. I had never seen a single match until I found a video of his on here.

  • Daybreaker


    2 anni fa

    Really glad he's perfectly healthy and super happy these days but his best plays and shots came from the years in which he's been an addict

  • venha me conhecer

    venha me conhecer

    4 mesi fa

    Matou todas bolas vermelhas só com a bola preta são poucos que fazem isso fenomenalllllllll

  • Lee Chalmers

    Lee Chalmers

    10 mesi fa

    Ronnie a legend yes we all agree 👍

  • Vintage Hifi Hunter

    Vintage Hifi Hunter

    Anno fa

    Ronnie O’Sullivan has inspired a lot of players to put their cues back in their cases.

  • Tom Richards

    Tom Richards

    2 anni fa

    A true master

  • White Wolf

    White Wolf

    4 mesi fa

    Genius, no more words.

  • Canal Daytona 675

    Canal Daytona 675

    2 anni fa

    Esse é monstro

  • Juano Bernuy

    Juano Bernuy

    2 anni fa

    Como siempre O' Sullivan dejando sentados a los rivales..gran jugador!!

  • Alberto Ortega

    Alberto Ortega

    2 anni fa

    Un capo ...brillante ...de Argentina ...👏

  • Aayushmaan Sharma

    Aayushmaan Sharma

    2 anni fa

    Alex Higgins' loss of form and and Ronnie's retirement - The saddest moments in modern snooker history game wise.

  • Alexey Fedotov

    Alexey Fedotov

    2 anni fa

    Этот парень реально шарит в бильярде!