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Rick Smith, Jr.
Rick Smith, Jr.

Hello and welcome to my ITload channel!

When I created this channel, I saw it as a way to promote my in-person shows and used it to upload short videos of my live performances. Over time, however, it has turned into one of the most exciting aspects of my business - through ITload, I have been able to reach millions of people that I otherwise may never have gotten the opportunity to perform for. Between old fans and new ITload explorers, this platform has helped me grow my brand to a level that I could never have imagined.

Since things really started taking off in 2017, I have been lucky enough to work on projects with some of ITload’s biggest stars - this list includes names like Dude Perfect, The Slo Mo Guys, Mark Rober, and David Dobrik. These influencers have been incredibly fun to work with, and I am always on the lookout for channels that are interested in doing collab videos!

Thank you for visiting my channel - I hope you enjoy my combo of magic and card throwing!